What Does Grandma Know

One of my grandchildren.

My young grandchild waiting for a Christmas present.

The title sort of says it all.

Grandma’s think they know it all and like to have bragging rights on how well their children have done and what geniuses their grandchildren are. All because of what grandma knows.

But in reality, are the things we know out of date or just plain silly in today’s society?

Are we simply making life difficult for our children’s spouses?

When we talk about making play dough to our grandchildren and they think it would be great to do, does this make life more chore filled for our DIL’s who can go to the store and buy all sorts of colours and gadgets to go with the play dough? I think in a way that we are.

With schedules filled with work, housekeeping, laundry and activities for the child, who has time to stand over the pot on the stove making play dough when they should be making dinner.

It does not last as long as the commercial stuff and when it gets into a rug it is there for all time as a reminder as to why we stopped making it. We remember the good things but memory is selective and the bad times never seem to be so bad. Blue hard lumps in a grey carpet just don’t seem so bad 20 years down the road.

When we think we have found the perfect gift for our darlings, we must be careful. I think back to that great Christmas gift Uncle Ken bought my sons many years ago.

I remember the fun we had walking on the furniture for 2 weeks while a 6’ long 4’ wide 3’ tall G.I. Joe aircraft carrier was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, because we had no place large enough to hold it. There was also a Christmas tree, presents and several extra people the entire Christmas season.

Maybe just maybe the large Barbie house that takes up ¾ of your granddaughter’s room is not such a good idea.

I guess the first piece of advice from Grandma Knows would be to think back on gifts you liked for your children from their grandparents. As well as the gifts they liked, but you hated for whatever reason and give accordingly.

Laughing and happy grandchildren are great, but continued love of your children is also important.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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