What Grandma is Learning About Clutter

Stuffed animal, messy toys, and not organized.

While removing clutter and getting organized, make sure to keep the important things.

The weather here in the winter really affects what people do.

This winter we have had rainstorms bitter cold and now lots of snow. The snow and bitter cold are normal; the rainstorms are kind of strange. But it all still affects what people do. For me, it’s keeping me inside the house where I have to try to keep busy and sane.

Removing Clutter

For this past month I have been sorting stuff to try and bring some semblance of organization to my basement and house. It is amazing the things we hold onto, sometimes without even knowing we have held onto it. For example, I have found 6 sets of single sheet sets for beds we don’t even have any more, 2 sets of double sheets. Plus the comforters that we used on those long gone beds.

Why did I keep them?

Those items were kept for the simple reason I didn’t know what to do with them. They were in great shape so I hated to throw them out but we didn’t have any place in town to donate them until recently. They are now at the thrift store, and out of my cluttered house.

Hoarding Childhood Memories

But the hardest things to get rid of are the things we kept from our children’s school days.

All the report cards, pictures taken by the school that we have multiple copies of (you only have so many relatives to give them to), and oh yes can’t forget the mothers day cards.

So this week I was ruthless. I kept the cutest cards one from each child. The rest got sent to the recycling bin the report cards all went. I know my children were geniuses, but the teachers didn’t always agree so out they went. Why keep something that doesn’t fit the picture properly!

I now have one small box that will fit on a shelf in my wardrobe in the bedroom. I have pictures both school and family in a small box and I am attempting to label the ones from my childhood so future generations will know the names of the faces.

Deciding What to Keep and What to Throw

Moving on, we now tackle the toys.

Lego’s are a must keep. Children of all ages love to build with these. But they are now in the same box not mixed in with every other toy we have kept in the hopes of grandchildren.

Barbie doll and clothes are also a must keep. They are ageless and give girls so much fun and use of their imaginations find a box for those.

But the stuffed animals can go. They collect a lot of dust and really the cost of new ones for each child is minimal. I don’t even donate those they just go into the garbage. It is almost impossible to get rid of the smell they collect and who wants to give a child a toy that smells old?

Dinky toy cars should be kept. They are great rainy day toys as well as outside toys. So keep them in a toy box.

Now with getting rid of all the stuff I have 2 freed up shelves in my basement and quite a few toys that my grandchildren can play with when they come for visits. That way they don’t bring so much stuff on the trip and then forget to take some of it home.

Next post will be on more organizing and decluttering.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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