How to Deal With a Picky Eater.

Dealing with a picky eater

My granddaughter is not a picky eater.

We all know a person who will not eat a certain food. This is not in my world a picky eater.

What is a Picky Eater

A picky eater is someone who will not try something new.

Give them green beans and they turn up their nose and try to find a new way of hiding them. Give them a different type of syrup on the pancakes and you end up tossing them in the garbage. Now this to me is a waste of your time and your money. Throwing out food is just not an option in some homes.

Something that I have discovered over the years is this. If you call someone something that person goes out of their way to prove you right.

So never tell anyone that your child is a picky eater. They will either act on that and not eat what is served. Or they will eat it and you look like you don’t know your own child. Either situation is not good.

Children Size Servings

In our house everyone had to try a bit of everything that was served. I called it company size portions and was about a teaspoonful. Just enough to try something new and maybe develop a taste for something they didn’t like at first. It does work in most cases.

The other night we had invited a family over for a BBQ dinner. It is an easy meal and little cleanup is needed. Since we didn’t really know the family I asked what sort of things the children liked to eat. Well they didn’t like vegetables but they loved steak. Ok so now I knew but I do not believe in giving a 3 year old a steak it is just too much for one child.

So my solution was to make shish kabobs. I put one piece of meat then a piece of green pepper and another piece of meat. I made up 10 of these and steaks for the adults. As the little ones were served their plates with the sticks still intact and a small potato that I had flattened with a glass topped with cheese and butter and broiled them till the cheese was bubbly the first comment was meat on a stick, yeah.

Both children came back for thirds and the potatoes disappeared quickly.

No picky eaters when the novelty of the food takes away the dislike.

The meat for the kabobs does not have to be steak or even beef. You can use meat balls of any mixture or wieners cut into bite size pieces pork chops work well and by mixing and matching vegetables and even bits of potatoes it is all bite size or child size pieces and everyone usually will try one ka bob. You are not doing anything extra just making serving portions a bit smaller than normal.

So for picky eaters use your imagination and I am sure you will win in the end.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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