Busy Season Has Arrived: Gardening and Yard Work

Unless you are in an apartment, you have a lawn to take care of.

If you have a yard like we have it takes a lot of work every year. This year is even worse.

Fun in the Garden

Yesterday my husband, who is sick with an plugged eustation  tube in his ear, got up at 8 am. and had breakfast. He looked like death warmed over so I figured he would do nothing more vigorous than move the mouse on the computer.

So I went out and picked  rhubarb from the two patches in my garden and thought about what  do with it. I got to he house and he was out ready to use the rototiller to aerate the lawn so we could spread grass seed and fertilizer.  So being the helpful wife who doesn’t want her husband to pass out from the pain in his ear, I put the rhubarb on the counter, the back ribs into the sink to thaw for supper and went out to help.

Our yard is 20’x20′ in the back and 100’x70 feet in the front. Most of the front is a downhill slope so awkward to do. Fortunately our neighbour loves to do yard work and since he is renting he is not allowed to do more than mow the lawn and plant some flowers in the containers and around the pond in the front. So he comes over and helps us.

He did the weed whacking around the trees and bushes and my raised beds which takes up a lot of time. We got the back yard seeded and fertilized and then had to go to the store for more seed and fertilizer. We are having to do the lawn because a few years ago the town upgraded the water pipes and they took out our good soil and put back sand and rocks and a lot of moss. Moss was taking over the entire front yard and it looked horrible. That is why we bought the small rototiller and since we have it I now have a couple vegetable gardens and one small flower garden and an expanded rock garden.

We worked on the yard from 10am until 7pm but it was done in time for the rain, which started about 20 minutes after we were finished and it is still raining. Which is good since we really need it, and the seeds will get a chance to start growing with the natural rain instead of trying to keep it watered until it gets a start.

I came in at 7 put the vegetables for supper in the rotisserie basket and then put the ribs on the rotisserie basket on the BBQ.  We were eating supper at 8pm.  The strange thing was that even with all the work and only having breakfast neither of us was particularly hungry. You would think we would have been ravenous.

I am just glad it was such a simple supper. With the rotisserie indoors and the BBQ outside, supper was ready in an hour and very little work on my part.  I did cheat on the clean up though. I put the food away, stacked the dishes, said good night to the cats, and went to bed. Just had no energy to clean up like I should have.

Three weeks ago we planted some vegetables and they are starting to come up. But they were from seeds so hopefully the frost is done for the year. I had to cover my 2 tomato plants, 3 nights this week because of frost warnings. The last of May it is not nice to wake up early and see the roofs all white with frost.

Working Hard and Loving It

I put this post in the fun activities section because even though it was a lot of work it was actually a lot of fun as well. We were outside and working together and that is how Don and I usually do things. I help him on the car and even if I am not doing much we talk and laugh and have a good time.

I also put it in the growing old section because we are and we feel the aches and pains of age and my rheumatoid arthritis. I was up at 2am due to pain and burning in my feet. I had worn my shoes too long yesterday and felt it big time. So when the pain pills kicked in at 3am I got busy and made a jar of homemade mint sauce, made 8 small jars of rhubarb crab apple jam  and did 4 loads of laundry. For some reason I am still going strong, but can’t do much walking yet.

Don also survived his day of hard labour. So I guess we are not as old as we thought we were.

There is still a lot to do, like finding more creeping or spreading plants for my rock garden some parts of it in the added section look pretty bare. We also have to start looking after the small plants of vegetables that are starting to show above the ground. Peas need something to climb up so that will be a job when this rain stops in 2 days.

The rhubarb will continue to give me lots to stew and turn  into jams, as well as just cutting it to freeze for later creations. The choke cherry tree is covered in blossoms so I may try choke cherry jelly this year or maybe do what I have done every other year and watch the birds enjoy them. I like watching the birds so I figure they give me pleasure so I will give them the cherries. Besides it saves me a lot of work.

The crab apple tree hasn’t any blossoms yet so maybe I won’t have to do so much apple butter this year. I can dream, can’t I?

So enjoy your yard or take a walk around and enjoy others creations. But get outside and enjoy the weather as winter at least around here is not that far away.

Enjoy your day.



About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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