The Cost of Babies

Now I know you will hear from everyone that the cost for babies is going to put you into the poor house.

Well I am here to tell you that is far from the truth. With some examples of how to keep those costs at a reasonable level.

To start, you go to the doctor because you have been sick every morning for 2 weeks and think you have some bad flu that is going around. He tells you that in 8 months you will have an addition to your family.

Now is the time to tell your family and start gathering the things you will need. That way you won’t have to go out shopping when you feel like a whale.

With that long to buy things you can be creative in where and how you spend your money on the items.

Go to yard sales, lots of people have baby items they no longer use and just want to get rid of their clutter but it could turn out to be your treasures.

A friend does not plan any more children and you know her daughter is just about out of her crib so offer to buy her used crib for a reasonable amount. If she agrees then all you will have to purchase is a mattress. Big savings for you.

Buggies are another big ticket item that is a necessity but you do not need to purchase it new. Last year I was planning for my granddaughter’s visit and was at the thrift store in town and they had those 3 wheeled jogging buggies in great shape and I got one for $4. Went home looked it up on line and found the same one new for $200. All I had to do to make it like new was take the hose and a bucket of soapy water and wash it well.

Will my granddaughter say “no thanks grandma, it was used by someone else.”  I don’t think so and it saves my son and DIL a lot of money when they move to Canada. If they don’t move we have a buggy for her for the time she is visiting so grandma can take her for walks to show her off to people in town. But not have to carry her, which grandma just can’t do anymore.

Now comes the diapers. Disposables can be extremely expensive so if you have access to a washer and dryer maybe think about cloth diapers at least for at home time. When you are going out use disposables.
I bought my granddaughter cloth diapers and rubber pants that would last her until she is 3 years old for $150. that included shipping to China. Her parents used the disposables for outings but the cloth ones for most of the time. A dozen diapers will cost less than that and when they are done as diapers you have great cleaning cloths.

I used cloth diapers and they have many other uses. One day my MIL was looking after the boys and she asked Raymond for a bib for Danny, he ran and got her a diaper. She said no not a diaper a bib. He told her that mommy used the clean diaper for a bib. He was right, they are large enough to wipe up and catch any messes.

So even if you want to use disposables almost all the time have a pack of cloth ones and rubber pants for when you have run out at midnight so you are not stuck with no diapers and need to make a run to the store.

So now you have covered a place to sleep and the bottom messy half of the baby. We now can move on to the clothes.

No new born or even up to 6 months needs 25 outfits. The basics that are needed are: undershirts maybe 7 of those. Socks one pair for each day. about 12 sleepers. 2 hats, get them used to wearing hats so that when they are running around outside they keep the sun off their heads or in the winter their heads stay warm along with their ears. For the fancy dresses and cute little boy outfits let others buy them for you. They make nice shower gifts so you will get plenty as a rule. Or grandpa and grandma aunts and uncles are sure to buy a couple. Keep in mind they will only last to about 3 months of age so if you get the chance ask them to buy 6 month sizes so you have clothes for up to almost a year.

As I said the sizes do not usually fit the month they are supposed to so if you go to the thrift store you will see lots of great looking outfits that will appear almost new. Why not get a few since you will be returning them after your child is done with them and someone else will get outfits that look new even if they have done for 3 children.

I was at the thrift store and picked up 2 hand crocheted baby blankets. I don’t have anyone to give them to but the colours were so pretty I couldn’t resist them. But I have them to use in the car for over shoulders or my grandchildren can use them for doll blankets. They will be used just not sure for what yet. But at .50 for both I don’t think they will break the bank. I might even have a young friend who will be having a baby and they would make a nice wrapping for a gift.

When buying sheets and blankets for the crib keep it simple in the way of colours. White sheets can be bleached which is a good thing when they get stained. Also don’t go for the expensive ruffles for around the crib. They require the same amount of washing as the sheets and blankets and cause more work. Keep it simple should be the motto. The baby does not need the extra it is just for show when you want to show off your baby. Let people see the baby well cared for and happy and not the fancy wrapping.

That is the basics in what a baby needs until they are 6 months so next post will deal with 6 months to toddlers.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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