Gift Ideas For Those Who Are Far Away.

Here are a few ideas for gifts that could be used for any occasion or no occasion except that you want to send something that will remind someone you care about them.

If your son or daughter has just moved away either to school or a job a, what I call a care package,  may be the perfect welcome gift you could send. It could include a slow cooker with a few dried meals just ready to toss in with some water or tomato based sauce and it is ready to go literally.
Send a package of spices and seasonings you know they like but which they probably forget to buy since they always just had to reach into the cupboard at home to find.
A few ideas are, onion salt, garlic salt, chicken and beef bullion, onion soup mix, gravy mixes (just add water type) .  This will be a good starting base and they can add to it as they get more comfortable with cooking for themselves.
If they have a few favourite meals but sending the ingredients would just not be safe or practical send them the recipes but make sure to send a grocery list of what is needed so it makes it easier for them to cook it on their own.

An example:

Beef stew
half a pound of stewing beef. cut into bite size pieces.
2 potatoes, 1 onion diced small, 2 carrots diced bite size, frozen vegetables they like.
salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste start with 1/2 teaspoon and add if necessary.
Brown the meat add the onions and spices, in the pot you will be using (saves dishes).  When browned, add water and the rest of the vegetables and simmer until cooked. When cooked mix some flour with cold water and add to the pot. Stir and cook until thickened to a good gravy.

Grocery list would be  potatoes, beef, onions, carrots, vegetables.

Here is a different type of birthday gift to send, especially after listening to your child asking if you knew how expensive their favourite shampoo or conditioner were. Or the cost of the better deodorants and toothpaste and toothbrushes. Of course you know because you were buying them while the child lived at home. You think good,  now you know that they didn’t just happen to drop onto the bathroom shelves by some mysterious good fairy. Well why not make a box of the products and make that a part or the entire birthday present? You know it will be appreciated and you already know where to find it. Makes it an easy gift to give.

You could also put them into a hanging type cosmetic bag if they have to share a bathroom and that makes them easy to keep track of and easy to carry. Throw in a pair of those flip flops so they can wear them in the shower or down the hall so they don’t pick up any fungus’ which make  life miserable.

This year for Christmas presents I sent my son and daughter in law a few jars of canned meat and soups. I have been canning and they both work long hours so I thought it would be a nice idea that some night they don’t feel like cooking but with 3 children you have to feed them. She can open a can of beef and stock add some frozen vegetables and some thickener and supper is on the table in about 10 min.

For my grandson, who loves garlic I made up some roasted garlic and dehydrated it added it to some sea salt and now he can add garlic to whatever he wants when nobody else wants it.

We gave my granddaughter a lot of books from the used book store. She loves the Bobbsey Twins books and last year I said I couldn’t find them new but I could find them used. She told me that “did you know grandma you can get a lot more books used than new.” Gotta love a 6 year old with that attitude.  So they all get a gift card from Chapters so they can pick the books they really like but they get a few small things to open under the tree.

So when it comes to gifts and ideas, think outside the box and fill a box with useful and fun things and the gift will be a big hit.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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