Good Ways to Use Old Food

Here is an age old question for house wives, “What to do with leftovers.”

Now I am not good with left-overs. I used to put them in the freezer until they were covered by freezer burn and could throw them out.
That is not only wasteful, it is expensive. So I have been figuring out ways to reuse leftover food.

Suppertime on Friday Night

Ok, it’s a Friday night, you are tired from work, you look in the fridge and see that you have a chicken with just a bit of meat left on it. You check the crisper drawer and see a carrot a small onion a bit of celery and that is it.  Now you could, grab the phone and order a pizza, or you could take all the things you found and cut them up small put them in a pie plate add some of the gravy you found in behind the chicken container and make a chicken pot pie.
There are a couple ways to do this and they are all extremely easy and quick.

1. use a frozen pie shell add the filling and gravy. Place a top on it and bake at 350 F for about 40 min.

2.  put the filling and gravy into a pie plate with no bottom crust and just put a top on it. Bake the same as for the double crust pie.

3. put the filling into a casserole dish and then make some tea biscuits and top the pie with that either as one piece or small biscuits.  Bake at 400F for 20 until biscuits are browned and filling is hot.

Now you do not have the gravy. No problem.

Open a can of chicken stock and mix some flour with that to thicken it. Start off with just a bit of flour and slowly add more until it’s thick enough.

Or open a can of mushrooms add some flour to the liquid and you have gravy to pour into the pie.

Or the simplest would be to use a can of mushroom, celery or cream of chicken soup. You could add about 1/4 cup of water or half and half to that and use it as the gravy. You can also add frozen or canned vegetables of your choice which would save the time of peeling and cutting the vegetables.

Supper is on the table in about 1 hour. No expensive pizza and while it is baking you can sit and talk with your children about what happened at school or sit with your husband or wife and talk about things you would like to do for fun on the weekend.

What could be better than cleaning the fridge and saving money on take out, with the added pleasure of finding a bit of time to spend with your family.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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