More new meals with what is in the house.

This week has been totally crazy in our house. My husband messed up his knee so he is using a cane to walk, my arthritis is bad due to the changing crazy weather we have been having and to top it off I have 2 abscessed teeth. I am on major pain meds. and anti-biotics. This does not make for great meal plans.  Add to this the fact that we are going out of town on Tues. I did not go grocery shopping since I want to get groceries in the city where there is more variety and better prices.
I got up on Sat. and had to come up with an idea for breakfast.
I looked and found some bacon, a few eggs some deli ham and that was about it for a meal. Also we have cut down on carbs for health reasons and that does not add up to an interesting meal.
But the other day I had seen a video on making breakfast muffins and thought I would give them a try. So here is what I came up with. Preheat the oven to 350.
You fry the bacon until it is cooked but not too crispy. Then chop it up small and cut the ham about the same size. You can add some chopped onion and any leftover veg. you have in the fridge. Put it into a muffin cup   and set it aside.

Beat about 4 egg (this should do  5 muffins) If you have some cheese cheddar, swiss, or whatever type you enjoy on the tops but that is optional.

Pour the eggs salt and pepper over the meat in the muffin cups.

Bake in the oven for about 20 min. or until they are firm and browned on top.

Let them sit a minute or two and then place them on a plate and serve.
You could serve these with home fries or hash browns but they would also be good as a grab and go breakfast since they can be eaten without forks. If you made up a couple muffin tins of them and freeze them you just have to heat them in the micro wave for 1 min and they are ready to eat.
I had mine with salsa but my husband likes his with ketchup, They were a great way to use up some left overs and still have an interesting meal.
When I set out to make these I found that a few weeks ago when cleaning out my cupboards I had put my muffin tins in the basement since I don’t make muffins any more. So instead of trying to find them I used 2 ramekins or french onion soup bowls. They were great since one made a meal for one person. Nice portion control and if you have different tastes you can make them to suit each individual without a lot of extra work.

These are low carb and a quick easy start to the day. Add a bit of fruit or a glass of juice a cup of coffee and you are ready to go.


About Grandma

I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.
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