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I am a grandma of 4 I write stories for children I love to talk about children and give tested advice.

A meal with chicken nuggets and potatoes

I have found that almost everyone likes chicken nuggets. I also know that people are trying to cut out the fats from their diets which includes frying. Here is a meal that is quick and healthy. I will link to … Continue reading

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Picnic times are here

Leave a Comment Posted by Grandma on June 16, 2013 Edit Finally the warm weather has arrived for part of the time. We are in a crazy weather time right now so warm weather activities have been put on hold … Continue reading

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Easy Chicken Dinner

Today I am posting a video I did on You Tube for making a fried chicken dinner with no carbs no extra fat and so quick and easy it is a great go to meal for those nights you just … Continue reading

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More new meals with what is in the house.

This week has been totally crazy in our house. My husband messed up his knee so he is using a cane to walk, my arthritis is bad due to the changing crazy weather we have been having and to top … Continue reading

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Gift Giving Ideas: Giving Food

Not everyone can cook, but everyone likes to eat. I’ve found that my children don’t always have time to cook, and some of my older friends aren’t always able to cook. For them giving prepared meals, or easy to make … Continue reading

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Good Ways to Use Old Food

Here is an age old question for house wives, “What to do with leftovers.” Now I am not good with left-overs. I used to put them in the freezer until they were covered by freezer burn and could throw them … Continue reading

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Admitting Painful Truths, And Overcoming Problems

A couple months ago I was at the doctors office again. I was seeing a new dr. which is normal due to the size of the town and the lack of doctors who want to stick around. That day I … Continue reading

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