All the children had gone home from the park. Everything was quiet and still. In the sandbox a dump truck and a bulldozer were left all alone. Their boys had left them there by accident.

Now the dump truck and the bulldozer knew that their boys would come back for them, but it was kind of lonesome just sitting there in the sand. They started to talk to pass the time, since they didn’t know when the boys would be back.

Billy Dozer said, “Why don’t we finish the roads that we were working on?”

“Do you think that we should?” Danny Dump Truck asked.

“Why not, it will be fun to do and when the boys get back they will sure be surprised,” Billy said

So Billy Dozer started pushing the sand to make the road and dump truck hauled it over to the corner of the sandbox. They worked very hard all through the night pushing and hauling.

While they were working a squirrel came down from his tree to see what was going on. When he saw all the building going on he stopped and stared. Finally he asked in a squeaky voice, “Can I help?”

“Sure!” said Billy Dozer.

The squirrel did a happy  somersault and  ran to get some sticks and small stones. He went to work on the pile of sand that was building up in the corner. He had always wanted to make a ski hill. First he smoothed out one side of the hill and put the sticks down that side to mark the ski trail. Then he used the stones to make seats so you could rest or just sit and watch the skiers.

Billy and Danny said that it looked really good and thanked him for his help. The squirrel yawned and with a friendly wave tiredly went home.


In the morning when the first children arrived what a surprise they got.

There was a freeway built all through the sand box and a ski hill in the one corner. They all ran over to see it, wondering who could have made such a wonderful road. Nobody stepped into the sand box, they just stood there looking at the wonderful play area in the sandbox.

After talking about who could have done it, they decided to play, so they all got out their small cars and had races that day in the sandbox of roads that Billy dozer and Danny dump truck had made.

As for the two boys who had left Billy Dozer and Danny Dump Truck they came later that day, and were just as amazed as all the other children.

As for the two trucks, whenever no one was looking they smiled at each other at a job well done.


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