Missy Bear was all excited. She had a nice hot shower and was getting ready to go out to a party with her friends. She had put on her beautiful new cape with a hood to keep her warm for the long walk through the forest.

She had a small flowered bag with a few snacks in it, just in case she wanted a picnic while on the walk. When Missy was all set to go she picked up her teddy bear dolly Blueberry, tucked him under her arm and headed out on the walk.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it reflected diamonds in the snow along the path.
The birds were singing and calling hello to each other and to all the creatures that were out and about this wonderful day.

Missy just felt so alive that she started to sing along with the birds.
Missy was not the best of singers but that did not bother her or the birds,
they sang just to hear the wonderful sounds combining with the beauty of the day and to make themselves happy.

As she walked along smiling she talked to Blueberry and told him all the things she saw.
There was a pine tree with snow making it look like it had cotton wool on each branch and with the mountain ash tree full of berries
behind it, the two trees looked like one and the berries showed up like tiny ornaments. It was so much like a Christmas tree decorated by Mother Nature.

There was the stream with the step stone bridge over which they walked. The stream wasn’t frozen solid and the water made little laughing noises as it ran over the rocks along its banks. There were even a few tiny minnows swimming and playing. But Missy couldn’t stop as she had places to get to and things to do for the party with her friends.

Now Missy had walked for a long time and was starting to get tired and hungry so she looked for a nice spot to take a break.
Blueberry was looking as well and pretty soon they saw an opening off the path where there was a holly bush and some fallen trees for her to sit on.

She told Blueberry that the holly would look really nice in bowls at the party, so she sat down, had a sandwich and when she was done she opened the pretty bag and put in a lot of holly branches.

Then she and Blueberry continued on their way and Missy continued to talk to Blueberry telling him about the party.

Granny and Grandpa bear were having the party so all the little bears could get together and have some fun during the long cold winter. Cindy Lou, George and Joe were going to be there. Even cousins Mary and Marsha were coming from the next forest over. Jessie, and Brutus and Bruno were also expected. Missy had never met some of the bears that were invited and she was looking forward to seeing everyone.
The more she talked about the party the faster she walked.

There was to be dancing with music by the Boo Bop Jazz Bears. Missy didn’t know how Granny and Grampa got the most popular group to come to their party but she was glad they did.
All the adult bears were bringing food so it was to be a big potluck dinner. Those were the best kind of meals, since everyone always made their best and favourites so it was all really good eating.

Well the walk went by so fast that when she stopped for breath she realized that Granny and Grampa’s house was just around the corner. She kept walking and when she saw the yard it was full of bikes and sleds and bears. The littlest ones were making snow bears and snow forts and everyone was laughing and having a really good time.

Missy was hugged and waved to by everyone. It was like coming home after a long trip.
Granny was standing in the doorway and Missy went in with her to help arrange the holly branches around the room and the fireplace. The big dining room was full of tables, chairs and food. The living room and parlour were opened up together and the Jazz band was warming up.

Missy saw Sue her special friend from school and they went outside to see what was going on and to talk. They walked out to the barn and watched the horses who were inside where it was warm. It would be too cold for them to stay outside until the party was over.

Sue said that her family was going to go on a holiday to the mountains for two weeks. She was going to learn how to ski. Missy thought that would be so much fun to do and wished she could go too.
But she knew she couldn’t since she had promised Mrs. Bruno she would be able to baby sit her young twins while Mrs. Bruno was at work. Missy was saving up her money for a really nice present for her grandma’s birthday. She had almost enough now so with the babysitting she would be able to pick it up soon.

It was time to go back into the house as the band had started playing and they could hear people starting to dance. So they held hands and ran towards the house.

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