Learning New Things

Ok, I have finally done something new. I have been trying to work up the nerve to expand into the You Tube world, I made a rather rough video of me opening my pressure canner and explaining how I canned 4 lbs of baby peeled carrots.
I explained that I got the carrots at a great price and didn’t want or need anymore dehydrated carrots so I attempted canning 250ml and 125 ml. jars.
They turned out great and my husband posted the video on my you tube channel.
Since I saw it before he posted it and I did not look too awful and my kitchen looked pretty good I have decided to post more videos.
I will link to my you tube page and you can watch what I am doing. I will also write them in the blog here but if you are like me and learn more from watching and doing you now have that option.

So go to the page and subscribe and leave comments here or there with questions or some recipe you would like to see made, and I will try to do them.  I love to cook and as I am learning new things and ways of doing things this will be an experience for all of us.

Another idea I am working on is to do videos of me reading some of the stories I have written for children. One of them is here “Albert the dragon” there will be more adventures of his and my Missy Bear stories.  That way my granddaughter in China can listen to grandma read her bedtime stories and anyone with children might like someone else reading a story for their children when they have something to do that can’t be put off.

So please let me know if you think these ideas are good. And if you want to see what I look like you can check me out on you tube. I say that because I like to be able to put a face to the voice or the person doing the writing.

More to follow.

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Gift Ideas For Those Who Are Far Away.

Here are a few ideas for gifts that could be used for any occasion or no occasion except that you want to send something that will remind someone you care about them.

If your son or daughter has just moved away either to school or a job a, what I call a care package,  may be the perfect welcome gift you could send. It could include a slow cooker with a few dried meals just ready to toss in with some water or tomato based sauce and it is ready to go literally.
Send a package of spices and seasonings you know they like but which they probably forget to buy since they always just had to reach into the cupboard at home to find.
A few ideas are, onion salt, garlic salt, chicken and beef bullion, onion soup mix, gravy mixes (just add water type) .  This will be a good starting base and they can add to it as they get more comfortable with cooking for themselves.
If they have a few favourite meals but sending the ingredients would just not be safe or practical send them the recipes but make sure to send a grocery list of what is needed so it makes it easier for them to cook it on their own.

An example:

Beef stew
half a pound of stewing beef. cut into bite size pieces.
2 potatoes, 1 onion diced small, 2 carrots diced bite size, frozen vegetables they like.
salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste start with 1/2 teaspoon and add if necessary.
Brown the meat add the onions and spices, in the pot you will be using (saves dishes).  When browned, add water and the rest of the vegetables and simmer until cooked. When cooked mix some flour with cold water and add to the pot. Stir and cook until thickened to a good gravy.

Grocery list would be  potatoes, beef, onions, carrots, vegetables.

Here is a different type of birthday gift to send, especially after listening to your child asking if you knew how expensive their favourite shampoo or conditioner were. Or the cost of the better deodorants and toothpaste and toothbrushes. Of course you know because you were buying them while the child lived at home. You think good,  now you know that they didn’t just happen to drop onto the bathroom shelves by some mysterious good fairy. Well why not make a box of the products and make that a part or the entire birthday present? You know it will be appreciated and you already know where to find it. Makes it an easy gift to give.

You could also put them into a hanging type cosmetic bag if they have to share a bathroom and that makes them easy to keep track of and easy to carry. Throw in a pair of those flip flops so they can wear them in the shower or down the hall so they don’t pick up any fungus’ which make  life miserable.

This year for Christmas presents I sent my son and daughter in law a few jars of canned meat and soups. I have been canning and they both work long hours so I thought it would be a nice idea that some night they don’t feel like cooking but with 3 children you have to feed them. She can open a can of beef and stock add some frozen vegetables and some thickener and supper is on the table in about 10 min.

For my grandson, who loves garlic I made up some roasted garlic and dehydrated it added it to some sea salt and now he can add garlic to whatever he wants when nobody else wants it.

We gave my granddaughter a lot of books from the used book store. She loves the Bobbsey Twins books and last year I said I couldn’t find them new but I could find them used. She told me that “did you know grandma you can get a lot more books used than new.” Gotta love a 6 year old with that attitude.  So they all get a gift card from Chapters so they can pick the books they really like but they get a few small things to open under the tree.

So when it comes to gifts and ideas, think outside the box and fill a box with useful and fun things and the gift will be a big hit.

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Eating inexpensively How To

To eat inexpensively you have to first off figure out what foods you really enjoy, things that you have grown up with and would miss if they were not in your diet. Ask your  mom for some of her recipes and write them down.  Once you have this list figure out how you can make them for yourself with limited space and appliances.

Soups, stews, roasts and chicken can all be cooked in a slow cooker. Get a small one to take or ask for one for a birthday or Christmas gift. Saves you money right off the top.
Meatloaf, pizza, frozen french fries and onion rings can all be done in a toaster oven. This again would make a nice gift.

Keep in mind that toaster ovens do not make toast very well or fast. So don’t rely on them for this task. But cheese on a bun toasted in one is actually nicer than in the big broiler pan in the large stove. If you have a stove you do not need the toaster oven so find out what cooking appliances are available for you to use.

An electric frying pan is great if you don’t have a stove. In a pinch you can even bake in one. I have made cakes from a mix, it was a bit flat but tasted pretty good and covered in icing who knew. Helps with the desire for sweets instead of going out and buying something at the corner store which eats into your food budget.

Now even if you are in a residence at school I have heard that the meals are pretty bland, so if you like spicy food take a bottle of hot sauce or dry spices that you can sprinkle on them to make them more to your liking.

Also, you will probably go out for fast food on occasion so salt, pepper, ketchup and things that don’t take refrigeration would be a good idea. My children would eat anything if it was covered in ketchup.

There is probably a small kitchen on each floor with a microwave for frozen meals or popcorn for late night snacks so the condiments would make these better tasting for you.

Now you have the appliances listed above and here is a list of dry staples you should have on hand and you can make a meal without going out to the store.

Salt, pepper, dried onions (salt, powder or dehydrated). A small bag of flour. Chicken bullion packets, a can or two of vegetables, pork and beans,tuna fish, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti, either a few cans of soup or the packages of dry soups. Onion soup mix is also great for dips mixed into the sour cream.  Ketchup, mustard, relish, salad dressing (mayonnaise is a good basic one) and can be used for tuna or salmon sandwiches, mixed with a bit of flavoured vinegar and you can use it for salad dressing as well. For this you need a fridge as it will go bad if left out. Other than that all of these can be kept on the shelf with no problem. Almost forgot, coffee, tea, coffee whitener and sugar,  hot chocolate mix and some juice drink mixes.

Potatoes, carrots, squash and turnips can be kept without refrigeration and added to soups and stews are nutritious and taste pretty good. Just make sure you keep them where you won’t forget them as they do not keep indefinitely and can smell up a room when they are left too long.

I am not a person who uses a lot of the convenience foods, but for a single person sometimes it saves money and gets you eating healthier if you do use them.

A few of these are the salad mixes in the produce section. A small package will usually make 2 – 4 meals so if you have limited fridge space get one of these put a single serving into a small bag and the 4 will take up a lot less room.  You will be able to grab them out when in a hurry so you are getting vegetables in your diet. If you have a can of tuna this can be added or some fruit cut up into it.  You have a meal which is faster and cheaper than picking up the phone and speed dialing for pizza.

You can also buy peeled carrots, celery by the stalk and broccoli and cauliflower already cut up for munching or cooking. You don’t have to buy a huge head and then go home and cut it up and pack it into the fridge. Saves time and you have less waste so it saves money even if the unprepared appears to be cheaper.

The small bags of baby potatoes are also a good idea as you don’t have to peel them and they are small enough that you will probably use them up before they go bad. Buying a 10lb bag is just not practical unless you intend to eat potatoes morning noon and night. Will post a few recipes for using vegetables in a paragraph further down the page.

Now if you have a freezer whether it is stand alone or with the fridge you will be able to buy a few things extra. Like larger packs of meats and vegetables. This should help you save money.

Instead of ordering in wings or pizza you could get some frozen ones and simply heat them in the oven. No take out with tips and waiting for it. Put some in the oven and 20 minutes later you have hot wings or pizza and can keep studying.

You could use the slow cooker and cook a chicken dinner one night, use the bones and left over meat and make a soup stock. freeze in small containers and have chicken soup another night of the week. Or use the stock to make a stir fry one night you have vegetables to use up. Saves money on Chinese take out.

You can also either make hamburger patties and freeze them or buy a box of frozen ones.   You can find lots of copy cat recipes on line. So do some research and maybe you can find the ones for your favourite foods and save some money.

So learn to think outside the box and maybe save yourself frustration and money by cooking for yourself and friends. Have some pot luck parties or some bbq’s at the park. Food is important to live and it is also important to have friends so if you can combine the two you might be better off.


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Eating Healthy On A Budget

You may ask what brought the subject eating healthy on a budget up, and what my solutions are.  Well I was watching videos on how to dehydrate foods and found some on college students trying to find inexpensive foods to help make ends meet or at least stretch a long way.

One young girl was so proud of herself because she had bought 9 packages of Ramen noodles, 1 box of macaroni and cheese, 3 bananas, 2 oranges, 1 jar of peanut butter and I think a jar of jam. She may have had a loaf of bread as well but I missed that. I say she must have because she was talking about having peanut butter and jam sandwiches.
She said she had about 18 meals with this amount of food.

Now my suggestion would be to spend maybe $10 more and get quite a few more meals with a lot more health benefits.

Instead of the Ramen noodles get a large bag of egg noodles. They do the same thing and can be added to soup stock and vegetables to make a great soup that would do 2 or 3 meals.

Instead of one box of macaroni and cheese get a bag of macaroni and use that for a few different types of lunches or dinners.

They could be cooked and made into a pasta salad with some vinegar oil and spices add some vegetables canned, frozen or fresh.
Or use some cheese whiz or cheddar add some ham and spices and that could be another 2 meals.

Buy a box of minute rice and you can have breakfast of rice pudding. put some cooked rice into a bowl add some milk and an egg mix it up and heat in the microwave. Top with some sugar and you are good to go. If you don’t have milk any type of fruit juice could be used.

Another use for leftover rice is fried rice. Put some rice into a pan with a bit of soy sauce, some sort of vegetable, peas are the most common, and a bit of meat that you have cooked or even some cold meat slices cut small. Heat and enjoy a simple inexpensive meal.

Try the reduced bins of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. They are usually in pretty good shape. If the peaches are a bit bruised you could cook them with a bit of sugar and water and you have a jam or a sauce to put with chicken to make it more interesting. If you find apples you could core it put it on a baking sheet or microwave safe plate fill it with cinnamon and brown sugar and have a baked apple for breakfast or a quick snack or dessert. Chop it up and add to the rice pudding.

Sweet peppers can be fried with onions,  mushrooms and any number of other vegetables and added to scrambled eggs for either a breakfast or supper dish.
Add them to some spaghetti sauce and you can have a pasta dish or bake a potato and pour the sauce over that and you have an almost complete meal.

So far I have just given some vague ideas of ways to improve your diet.
Now I will be a bit more specific.

Check out the grocery stores specials. Many do rotisserie chicken and if you buy the meal deal you get a chicken a container of salad and a baguette. So even if you don’t have a great deal of cooking facilities you have a hot nutritious meal. That will be for one night and if you have a slow cooker (which I highly recommend) or a stove with a medium sized pot you can use the bones and scrap meat and make a soup or stew for another couple of meals.

To make a soup you need a pot, water, the bones and scraps of meat from the chicken after you have saved the bigger pieces to use in ways that I will get to.

Any way, put the pot of water on the stove put in an onion, salt and pepper and the chicken bones. Bring it to a boil and then turn it way down and let it cook for about an hour. Take the chicken bones and meat out and cool it enough so you can cut the meat off and add it back into the pot. Add vegetables of any sort you like fresh, frozen or canned heat them through and your soup is ready to eat. You can add noodles but just the meat and vegetables will be fine.

You can do this in a slow cooker just turn it on low and let it cook for about 5 hours while you are at school or work and when you come home dinner is ready for you.
Now with the rest of the chicken meat you can cut it up for sandwiches or wraps or for adding to a salad for other meals. Stir fries are another way to use the meat bits and pieces.
If you want you can buy a package for making gravy or get a can of gravy and make hot chicken sandwiches.

With a bit of imagination and a few basics from that chicken dinner you can have at least 5 meals. Since I think they run about $10. that sure isn’t a bad way to spend your money. It also does not take a great amount of cooking skills or kitchen appliances.

Another idea that keeps on giving is a pot roast.

You will need an oven or pot on the stove or a slow cooker.

A small roast, a few potatoes and I would recommend a bag of those tiny potatoes and a bag of the already peeled small carrots. No peeling just toss them into the pot along with the roast turn on the appliance to slow cook cover it and come back to a dinner. With the liquid from the roast add a bit of flour and water and thicken it for a gravy.

The next day you can make sandwiches for lunch or hot roast beef sandwiches for a dinner. You can make spaghetti and top it with some beef and vegetables for another meal.

As everyone knows, mothers can be very long winded when giving advice so will continue this thread on a new page. Hope you continue to read this particular article as it may help you or your child get ready to head off for school.

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Help Someone, Help Yourself

This may be something to keep in mind some day when you are feeling like you don’t matter in the world.  If you are like me, you’re an empty nester, and your husband works all day. You are rattling around the house, thinking that if you disappeared would anyone in the town even know you were gone.

I think if we are honest, we have all felt like this a time or two and we do survive it, but the other day I found a way to beat the feeling.

I was at the grocery store attempting to find things I actually felt like cooking for supper, while my sore feet didn’t want me to even put on shoes. I was wearing my moccasins while holding onto the cart so I could walk semi-normally. Rheumatoid arthritis keeps me from a lot of things, and the past few weeks have been horrible, so I guess that was what was causing my mood.

Anyway, I met a lady who works at the store and was chatting with her. She was leaving to go home at the end of her shift. I mentioned that she looked tired, and she said she was exhausted.

Her husband had been in the hospital for 2 weeks, so she was out of town at a motel to be near him. While there he suffered a heart attack, but insisted on coming home. She was trying to look after him while working and was near the end of her rope. She said she had to go home and try to figure something out for supper.

I wished her luck and suggested toasted tomato sandwiches as she had a basket of tomatoes and she decided that would be a nice easy meal.

I got home and was still feeling sorry for her and her situation at the moment. I went to the freezer and pulled out one of my basic chicken stew tubs, thawed it out over night and the next morning I added some potatoes, some more vegetables and heated it all in the pot. Then I made a batch of cheese biscuits to go with it.

I put it into a bag and walked down to the store about the time she was ready to go home. I found her and said “now you can go home and relax for half an hour supper is cooked.”
A few days later when I was back she gave me a hug and told me that was the first meal since her husband got sick that he ate the entire meal. Also, since then his appetite has been better and he has asked for certain foods that he hadn’t wanted in quite a while.

This simple act let her know that someone in the town liked her enough to not only offer help, but to help without being asked.

It made me feel great because I had made two people feel better.

It didn’t cost me much at all maybe $5. total and time as well as swollen feet from the walk to the store. All of that I can live with, since I feel better about myself and know that even though I may not be a big part of the town life I can influence certain parts of it that I do have to live with.

I know that I have made a friend. I still don’t know her last name but that doesn’t matter, I helped an acquaintance and made a friend.

I am not advocating that everyone go out and do something like that, but what can it hurt to smile at someone you know vaguely and say hello. They may be feeling down the same way you are at times and appreciate a friendly smile from a stranger.

So you can see from my little tale that by helping someone you may know well or just know them to nod and maybe chat for a bit you make yourself feel so much happier about your situation. Helping someone makes you forget your problems for a little while at least.

So try it and you may find you like yourself and your life a bit more and maybe not feel so lonely.

I know it works for me.

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Canning recipes

Before I get started, I have a confession to make. I don’t really follow a recipe. I find one when I am looking and check to see if I like most of it and then I use it with a few adjustments. They usually taste good, but as my children would tell you the dishes never look quite what the pictures do. But as long as it tastes good and people eat it and ask for it again, I figure it is a keeper.

One problem with this method is that I never think to write down what went into the pot.
In other words I can make the same thing the next week and it will taste totally different. I guess you could say it is a food adventure. Or maybe just blind luck when the dish finally makes it to the table and everyone raves about it.

Now with the canning recipes I was trying to stick pretty close to the recipe so I chose one that could be mixed and matched with the vegetables I had on hand.                                      Another plus for the recipe is that it makes not too much or takes a lot of time. I do not want to be doing this for hours on a nice day when I could be outside. So 2 hours is my time limit with waiting time for sterilizing jars. This takes about 20 minutes and you can do something else while waiting. If you are organized you could get all the equipment you have used washed and put away. If you are not organized you could go to the computer and look up the next recipe you might want to try. It is entirely up to you but I vote for the computer.

I found this sweet mixed pickle recipe at cdkitchen on line and it is a pretty basic vinegar recipe. Easy and quick to do.

4 cups cut cucumbers / 2 cups cut carrots / 2 cups cut celery / 2 red bell peppers / 1 pod hot red pepper / 1 cauliflower / 2 cups pickling onions / 1 cup salt / 4 tbsp mustard seed / 2 tbsp celery seed / 1 1/2 cups of sugar 5 cups vinegar.

wash, rinse, drain, seed and cut vegetables as desired. Dissolve salt in water. Pour over vegetables. Let stand about 18 hours.

Drain. Add seeds and sugar to vinegar. Boil 3 minutes. Add vegetables, simmer till hot through, then bring to boil. Pack, boiling hot, into hot sterilized jars.

Seal at once.

This recipe makes 4.5 pints

Nice and easy and it really does not take much time out of your day.  I cut and put the vegetables to soak the night before and have the jars washed and ready to go when I get up in the morning.
It takes about 1/2 an hour at night and soaking them for the 18 hours lets me get other work done before I start with the mixing and sterilizing of jars and equipment. Where I change the recipe is this.

We do not like spicy things so I leave out the hot red pepper. My husband cannot eat peppers so they are not added. But my husband really likes the cauliflower and onions so I replace the peppers with those and even take out some of the cucumber so he can have lots of the things he likes. Also I do not like sweets so I add a bit less sugar. He doesn’t notice that change. I also use diabetic sweetener instead of sugar for ones I am keeping for us. We are diabetic but like pickles and relishes and store bought ones are off the list of common foods, so making my own lets us enjoy things more. I use Splenda since I find it has more taste in common with sugar but I use a lot less than the recipe calls for. We find it more sweet than sugar.

For this recipe one friend of mine pickles asparagus with it and it is a hit in her home. Will have to find out how long she soaks the asparagus for in the brine. I don’t think it would take 18 hours and I have seen recipes where you just cut it to size and pack it immediately. That would be my way to go.

Like I said I mix and match recipes to suit our tastes.

I have been making flavoured vinegars as well. At this time I have 3 bottles of mint vinegar, 3 bottles of blueberry vinegar, and 1 of tarragon, 1 of oregano, and one of sage and rosemary. Not sure about the sage and rosemary mix but will try it soon.

For the mint vinegar you take 2 cups of malt vinegar, heated to hot not boiled pour it over mint leaves seal it in a jar and let it sit for 3 weeks then put it into sterilized bottles.   The same for the other herb vinegars. The blueberry one you use cider vinegar or white wine vinegar. You can mash the berries and pour the vinegar over this or leave them whole, I left them whole and now the berries are in the fridge and when I want something small to just give a bit of taste I get 3 or 4. The vinegar is not over powering and it is a nice tart sweet taste. Takes  away any sweet craving I might have and they are easy to get at. You only let them rest in a dark place for 2 or 3 days and then strain it into bottles.

The hardest part of these recipes is finding nice size bottles with a good seal. We were at the liquor store getting wine when I spotted a Dutch beer with plastic and rubber tops that can be resealed. (Don has suffered through drinking 8 bottles of beer so I can have the bottles. Neither of us care for beer) But I have found a friend who says he will drink the beer and give me the bottles. 4 bottles cost $12. but they are reusable so that is a plus. If I start to make a lot of different types of vinegar I may take him up on the offer. He would enjoy the beer and his wife would enjoy using some of the vinegars.

I am also making dipping sauces for chicken nuggets and pork back ribs. This is what I call a concoction because there is really no recipe. It started as a failure but turned out really good tasting.

Use any fruit you like that can be cooked down and mashed.
We like rhubarb, peaches, apples, pears nectarines and plums.
Put these into a large pot with a thick bottom so they don’t scorch as they have to cook for quite a while to get rid of a lot of the juice.
When it is fairly dry take it off the heat and add a package of strawberry or any flavour of jello. Just the powder stir it in and put this through the food processor to make it smooth. You could also use a stick blender or stand blender. Make it really smooth or leave chunks as you like it. Put it into small canning jars and seal. Place in a hot water bath for 15 min.
No sugar is necessary unless you have a real sweet tooth and the rhubarb is too tart.
Also no need to peel the fruit as it goes into the blender and dissolves.

In another post I will give you suggestions on what to do with your bounty if it is too much for your family to use.

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Enjoying the bounty of the season long after the season is gone

As you can tell by the title, I have been busy canning things that are now in season.

My garden is not big enough to let me do all the canning from what it produces, so I go to a couple small gardeners who sell the produce in their yards.

It tastes so good fresh and I usually buy too much to use it quickly. It just looks so good that I buy a lot of things and then we have it for several meals in a row. Not a good idea as by the third day it is not a fresh and tasty.

This year I started with rhubarb. Now usually it is done by the middle of July but this year for some strange reason my patch keeps on growing. Everyone else in town is saying their rhubarb is a dream but mine is still pretty healthy so I keep picking it.

I have made rhubarb jam, stewed rhubarb and an experiment that turned out well is a mix of rhubarb and crab apples cooked down a small box of strawberry jello and sugar or splenda to taste. The skins on the apples were sort of tough so I used my stick blender to get rid of them. Wow! success it makes a great sauce to go with chicken fingers or with pork instead of the usual apple sauce.

Now it is cucumber and tomatoe season. The tomatoes I bought were green and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them so back to the internet and I found a recipe for, Green tomatoe relish. I made the first batch with sugar since that is what the recipe called for and since I had never made or tasted it before I figured I would stick with the recipe. Usually I don’t follow them too closely.

Well it turned out great so I made more with splenda so my husband could have it. Somebody has to eat my efforts and he is diabetic.

I have made mixed sweet pickles some dill pickles which are slices not the whole cucumber. I like them on sandwiches and this way just pull a couple from the jar and not have to cut them when I am in a hurry.

I made beet pickles and they sure are nice. I do not care for cloves and the store bought ones seem to use a lot of cloves so my home canned ones have no cloves. That is the nice thing about doing your own canning. You can pick and choose what you add or subtract from the recipes.

Now when I am talking canning do not think that I spend days and days getting this done.
What I am doing is using a recipe that can be done in about an hour or less and they only fill 4 pint size jars or 2 of the larger ones. In this way I can have the jars ready for shelves in about 2 hours and have the rest of the day for other things.

The only one that was more time consuming was the sweet mixed pickles. I had to peel those tiny white pearl onions and then put all the vegetables into a brine and leave it for 8 hours. To solve this I put it to soak at night and then in the morning when Don left for work I made up the vinegar solution and jarred them. So even before breakfast I had about 6 jars of pickles.

I said before breakfast but not before a couple cups of coffee. Have to fit in the important things as well when doing a chore.

I am not done with the things I want to do and the next big items that will be available are plums, pears and peaches.

Today I will make a peach nectarine chutney. I bought a basket of each and they are really ripe so I want to use them up and Don will eat a few this week as he is night shift but most will be canned.

But another thing that happened was I ran out of convenient places to put the jars. I have been asking to have some shelves put up in the basement and when Don saw what I was doing he decided that yesterday was a good day to get it done. It took all afternoon which was strange for us since we work quickly but the house is old and nothing was square so it took some work after the major cutting was done with the jig saw to make the boards fit nice and flat so the jars didn’t slide.

But they are done and now I have an empty cupboard that I was using for a pantry and I can put some of my appliances there instead of on the counter top and in boxes in the basement. Much easier for me to get to so they may get used a bit more.

I have very little counter space in the kitchen so when we got rid of the dish washer Don put up a pine shelf right under the window and a bit higher than the counter top I already have and it is now the perfect height for me. Plus it is by the window so the light is better and I get to see outside while working there.

My son the life coach is always telling people to get a hobby. Well I listened this time and I find that my hobby may turn into a bit of a money maker. Who doesn’t like home canned food and since a lot of what I am making is diabetic friendly it would sell and I might take it to a fall craft fair we have in town every year. Put a ribbon around the lids and they can be Christmas gifts or gifts for what ever parties during the winter.

Next post will contain some of the recipes for preserves and also some for the flavoured vinegars I am also making.

So hobbies are great to keep you active and keep your brain working when you are housebound for what ever the reason.

Have a good day and please if you have a recipe that you enjoy please feel free to post it here. I might change it around but if I do I will let you know the results.

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