About Us

Hello world.

This blog is run by Lynda and her son Dan.

Lynda has been a mother for 33 years, and a grandmother for 10. She currently lives in a small Northern Ontario town in Canada where it snows for half the year and is muddy for the rest of it. Occasionally there will be a week or two of summer.

Dan has been a father for a grand total of 3 and a half months. He lives and works in Nanjing, China with his Chinese wife and Canadian-Chinese daughter.

Lynda will focus on childrens’ stories, anecdotes and life lessons she’s learned over the years. Dan will focus on keeping the blog running properly, parenting advice and parenting in China.

We would love to hear from readers and one of us will respond as soon as possible to any comments. We hope you enjoy the blog.


Dan and Lynda


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